Chasing that Waco Sunset

I’ve been complaining.  It’s a bad habit.  Given the political climate and the busy-ness that inevitably comes with the Fall season, there is a lot to complain about. In the midst of working so much, Javi and I decided to reset and escape from the busy-ness.  We left our iPhones at home, and opted for a family date night to watch the sunset at Lake Waco. 

Meet Texas Back Roads

The first big event we attended in Waco was the Texas Food Truck Showdown on April 2nd.  We had only lived here a few weeks, but we couldn’t wait to check it out and feed our foodie soul!  It was also at this event that we stumbled on a very cool t-shirt booth and encountered a passionate, local Wacoan named Jeremy, founder of Texas Back Roads.  He captivated us with his story, his vision, and inspired us to purchase our first official Texas swag! 

Luna Juice Break

Today I'm posting about something I love to indulge in, no matter what city I'm in.  I'm a sucker for cold pressed juice, specifically green juice and especially when it's just a little sweet and tangy.  If you have never tried one, green juice is uber refreshing and packed full of vitamins and nutrients.   In New York, it is easy to have juice delivered and I love to take a juice break and order one almost every single time I'm in the office.  So, where can you find green juice in Waco?

Staying Cool at the Mayborn Museum

Coming from New York City, we are no strangers to finding indoor activities for our kids on bad weather days, particularly the bitter, cold snow days.  It is now July in Waco, and we are experiencing a new kind of bad weather day.  Welcome the true Texas heat, a scorching 100 degrees and muggy, and it is just uncomfortable enough to send us back indoors.  We discovered a perfect, kid friendly activity to escape it - a trip to Baylor's Mayborn Museum.

Walker Honey Farm

As much as we love discovering Wacotown, occasionally we like to explore just a little bit outside of town when we have the chance.  Our most recent discovery took us about 40 minutes outside of Waco to quaint little country store that specializes in sweet, old-fashioned, raw and completely pure honey.  Check out the Walker Honey Farm, just outside of Temple for a sweet treat!

Memorial Day Weekend in Waco

Memorial Day weekend in New York means just one thing: BEACH.  It's the first weekend before summer and New Yorkers flee the city to swarm any beach within commuting distance.  This Memorial Day weekend, we are staying local and intend to enjoy the sights and sounds of Wacotown!  Some items on our list include seeing CYT's performance of Willie Wonka, Jr, running a 5k for the Rhett Revolution and hanging out with the people we love the most at home.

The Must-See Dichotomy

My name is April Caceres and I am a coffee addict.  There, I said it.  Somehow multi-cups of coffee per day became a requirement during my time living in the city that never sleeps.  I carried my coffee addiction with me across the country and aside from Starbucks,  I wasn’t sure what to expect in my newfound Texas town.  It quickly became evident that Waco has it’s own share of cool coffee contenders, one of which is Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits.

Mighty McLane Stadium

If you have recently passed through Waco, chances are you have driven right past a grand and beautiful structure known as McLane Stadium, which is perfectly poised right off of I-35 and the Brazos River.  I discovered there is more than meets the eye hiding behind this breathtaking stadium.

Lula Jane's Cookie Fame

While still living in New York, my favorite type of business meetings almost always involved breakfast.  It might have been a quick meet over a bagel or pastry, or perhaps a croissant or Belgium waffles and eggs.  So what does breakfast in New York have to do with cookies in Waco?

Spice Village Shopping Spree

I have this fabulous Texan Aunt - let's call her Sandy - who came to visit us shortly after we moved to Waco.  Each time she visits, there are a handful of shops on her "must-see" list, including Magnolia and another place called Spice Village.  I decided to head out and see what the famed Spice Village was all about!